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Title:  Reversing Obesity
URL: http://ReversingObesity.Ca/
Description: This book “Reversing Obesity” will make you THIN in a matter of days by simply following the easy-to-understand rapid weight-loss instructions and the do-it-yourself recipes illustrated by Dr. RK.


Title:  Reversing Sleep Apnea
URL: http://ReversingSleepApnea.Com/
Description: This book has all the information about therapies, resources and research that every sleep apnea patient, practicing doctor, nurse or technician would ever need, in a quick glance. Grab your copy sooner rather than later.


Title:  Reversing Chronic Insomnia
URL: http://ReversingInsomnia.Com/
Description: Best insomnia course to reverse the chronic insomnia. Natural self-treatment to cure insomnia by offsetting the root causes without ever using prescription sleeping pills. Just follow the instructions outlined in the course.


Title:  Drinking Water Guide
URL: http://www.DrinkingWaterGuide.Com/
Description: Dr. RK has done a superb job in compiling an unsurpassed information on drinking water. This 400-page book "Drinking Water Guide" is a wealth of information for the rest of us on drinking water. This book would inspire its readers to make some changes that will improve the quality of their lives forever. By drinking clean and healthy water, you could minimize or even completely wipe out major health hazards and illnesses.



All the following articles, and many other articles not listed here (a few of them are books), are properly referenced and discussed in the book "Reversing Obesity."

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3. How to make apple cider vinegar at home.

4. How to make your own apple cider vinegar.

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8. A list of Processed Foods.

9. There is Proof: Processed Foods Are Harder to Digest and make the people fat and cause diseases.
10. Processed Meats are too dangerous for human consumption

11. World Cancer Research Fund International
Work is under way to develop a methodology for systematically reviewing human and animal mechanistic studies on the link between diet, nutrition, physical activity and the development and progression of different cancers.

12. A Guide to Complex Carbohydrates.





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24. The BMI Formula in Metric Units (UK) and Imperial Units (USA).

25. Calculate Body Mass Index, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.


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