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This book "Reversing Obesity" is revised and rewritten in 2020.

About the Author


Type II Diabetes, Uncontrollable Weight Gain or Obesity,
Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Chronic Insomnia,
And Many Other Health Disorders, Diseases and Conditions
Can Be Reversed By Using
The Rapid Weight Loss Method (How to Lose Weight Fast?)
Illustrated in This Book!
When Your Body Resumes Normal Weight, Your Health Disorders Will Disappear!
Try It Out! You Will Be Amazed!




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                                   TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

RE: Dr. Rao Konduru’s Publications:
       Reversing Obesity
       Reversing Sleep Apnea
       Reversing Insomnia

        Dr. Rao Konduru, PhD is a patient of mine who has suffered from chronic diabetes for most of his life; He also suffered from uncontrollable obesity, sleep apnea and chronic insomnia for the past 3 to 4 years. He has managed to reverse all of these conditions by taking non-pharmacological and science-based natural measures with great success. He has created 3 how-to user guides/books with regard to how he achieved this, and I recommend these books for anyone suffering from these conditions.


Dr. Ali Ghahary, MD
Brentwood Medical Clinic
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada



This book “Reversing Obesity” will make you THIN in a matter of days by simply following the easy-to-understand rapid weight-loss instructions and the do-it-yourself recipes illustrated by Dr. RK. When the stubborn fat around his belly refused to melt away, Dr. RK took a wise decision. He very carefully jotted down all kinds of junk foods he had been eating here and there, every now and then. By exercising self-discipline and high willpower, he completely eliminated all those junk foods from his whole foods diet. Voila, the results were astounding! He started losing weight quickly as the stubborn fat melted away day-by-day right in front of his eyes. He explains how healthy whole foods are, and at the same time how harmful processed foods and refined foods are, and how to avoid them in order to achieve successful weight-loss results.
If you are obese or overweight, this book is a must-read to achieve rapid weight-loss results and to reverse many health disorders and diseases, including type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and chronic insomnia.

 - Prime Publishing Co.
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada



This book “Reversing Obesity” isn’t just any guide to miraculous weight loss. It is a compilation of hard-hitting facts, meticulous details and extraordinary results. It is the true and inspiring story of Dr. RK who succeeded in reversing his obesity permanently.


Healthy eating habits are necessary if one wants to lose weight and live well. In his book, Dr. RK teaches us simple, healthy and easy-to-make recipes using whole foods only. In addition, his weight-loss tips are extremely useful to implement the plan.


Dr. RK is a living example of a successful weight loss plan; a plan that helped him accomplish an absolute reversal of obstructive sleep apnea and chronic insomnia. After losing over 40 pounds of excess body weight more than a year back, he has maintained normal body weight until today, which is yet another achievement. This book has all the clues to not just rapid weight loss, but also on how to maintain normal weight after shedding off those extra pounds. 


In my opinion, this book is the best thing that could ever happen to obese and overweight people. Only reading it could tell you why.

       - Ms. Muriel D'Souza, Advertising Copywriter, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada




Losing weight is an art. But if you are not artistic about it, you may end up regaining all the weight you have lost, even if you are workout savvy or a fitness guru. Many people lose weight working hard in the gym, but regain all the pounds they have burned within a few months just because of the lack of self-discipline.

If you are accustomed to eating out in restaurants, no matter how hard you workout in the gym, the fat in your belly increases unstoppably. Many of the restaurant foods are made from processed foods and refined foods. Processed foods are manufactured by adding preservatives, artificial colors and flavors including salt (sodium), MSG (monosodium glutamate), hydrogenated oils, fillers, sugars and sweeteners for a longer shelf life in the supermarkets.
Refined foods, mostly carbohydrates could trigger your food cravings, similar to the urge drug addicts experience. Carbohydrates spike blood sugar levels demanding increased insulin production from pancreas, which could in turn result in type 2 diabetes. A typical example is the white flour or all purpose white flour made from grains (mostly wheat, rice or both). The altered texture and flavor make the body crave more of it. That is why your body wants more and more processed foods and refined foods and manufactures fat in the belly.

JUNK FOODS are strategically manufactured using processed foods and refined foods, adding large quantities of sugar, salt, oil, fat and several other chemicals including artificial colors and flavors to boost our cravings, so we buy more and eat more. Junk foods sabotage our weight-loss efforts. By consuming whole foods and at the same time by eliminating processed foods and refined foods from your diet, you can very easily transform your body’s functionality within a few days, and even feel good about your health in general. You can see results within days, and feel a lot better.
 The cravings for processed foods and refined foods can be abolished by tasting whole foods in every meal you consume throughout the day. Consuming whole foods is an easy task, but avoiding processed foods and refined foods is the most difficult task for many people. If you are wise enough, you could develop a meal plan by restricting your diet to whole foods only, and you could be a winner in the weight loss plan.

After losing 40 pounds of body weight and 12 inches around the waist, Dr. RK reversed his obstructive sleep apnea successfully. It is almost a year after he did so, and until now he has not regained a pound back. As a matter of fact, he has even lost another 5 pounds during the
past year. His strategy is: “Just consume the whole foods only and strictly avoid the processed foods and refined foods by exercising high self-discipline.” He has carefully explained his method in this book “Reversing Obesity.”
                                                                                                                           - Prime Publishing Co.



After Losing 40 Pounds and 12 Inches Around The Waist,
Dr. RK Reveresed His Obstructive Sleep Apnea!

The Following Table Tells The Whole Story!
Dr. RK Carefully Explained His Rapid Weight Loss Method in This Book!

Date Desat Index Highest SpO2 Lowest SpO2 Mean SpO2 Waist Weight Weight BMI (Kg/m 2) Assessment
Normal 0 to 4 Events/hr 96% to 99% 90% to 99% 96% to 99% < 34" < 70 Kg < 155 Lb 18.5 to 24.9  

 Overnight Oximetry Test Results Without CPAP by Independent Respiratory Services (IRS), Burnaby, BC, Canada


 First Diagnosed With Moderate Sleep Apnea (Desaturation Index=22.7 Events/hr).

07-Feb-2015 22.7 98% 75% 94.60% 44" 86 Kg 191 Lb 30.5 Obese
19-Feb-2015 17.3 98% 71% 94.10% 44" 86 Kg 191 Lb 30.5 Obese

 Overnight Oximetry Test Results Without CPAP by Mainland Sleep Diagnostics Ltd, Burnaby, BC, Canada

06-Apr-2015 23.6 100% 69% 94.90% 44" 86 Kg 191 Lb 30.5 Obese
07-Apr-2015 28.0 99% 76% 95.10% 44" 86 Kg 191 Lb 30.5 Obese
28-Dec-2015 6.9 98% 87% 95.90% 37" 78 Kg 173 Lb 27.6 Overweight
29-Dec-2015 7.2 100% 84% 96.10% 37" 78 Kg 173 Lb 27.6 Overweight
30-Dec-2015 8.4 99% 83% 95.90% 37" 78 Kg 173 Lb 27.6 Overweight
29-Mar-2016 4.8 100% 88% 96.30% 36" 77 Kg 171 Lb 27.3 Overweight
30-Mar-2016 2.9 99% 89% 96.20% 36" 77 Kg 171 Lb 27.3 Overweight
31-Mar-2016 4.6 99% 86% 95.70% 36" 77 Kg 171 Lb 27.3 Overweight
18-Nov-2016 1.2 100% 91% 97.00% 33" 68 Kg 151 Lb 24.1 Normal
19-Nov-2016 1.3 100% 86% 97.00% 33" 68 Kg 151 Lb 24.1 Normal

 Overnight Oximetry Test Results Without CPAP by Clinical Sleep Solutions, Burnaby, BC, Canada

29-Nov-2016 0.6 99% 89% 96.20% 32" 68 Kg 151 Lb 24.1 Normal

P.S.: CPAP Discontinued for 1 to 2 Weeks Prior to All Overnight Oximetry Tests.


  Sleep Apnea is diagnosed by monitoring the oxygen desaturation index.


Desaturation Index


      BMI (Kg/m 2) Assessment
  0 - 4 Events/hr Normal (No Sleep Apnea)       18.5 - 24..9 Underweight
  5 - 14 Events/hr Mild Sleep Apnea       18.5 - 24..9 Normal
  15 - 29 Events/hr Moderate Sleep Apnea       25.0 - 29..9 Overweight
  ≥ 30 Events/hr Severe Sleep Apnea       ≥ 30 Obese

            Sample Calculation of BMI: My Height = 1.68 m; BMI = Weight (Kg) / Height (m) 2 = 86 / 1.68 2 =  30.5 Kg/m 2 = Obese


As shown in the aforementioned table, when I was first diagnosed with the obstructive sleep apnea, my overnight pulse oximtetry test done on 07-Feb-2015 showed that my desaturation index was 22 events/hr. When I repeated the test on 07-Apr-2015, my desaturation index went up to 28 events/hr, which means I would soon be diagnosed with the severe sleep apnea (if the desaturation index is ≥ 30 events/hr, that indicates severe sleep apnea). With the severe sleep apnea, I knew that I could suffocate myself with the blocked airway, and could die in the sleep. I therefore took action and awakened the giant within myself. My extensive reading and research suggested me that "I need to lose weight fast." I am then committed to lose weight fast, and created my own weight-loss diet by incorporating the daily exercise. It was an uphill battle, but finally I have accomplished my weight loss goal after making drastic changes to my diet.

After losing 40 pounds of weight and 12 inches around the waist, naturally without ever using drugs or supplements, my body mass index (BMI) dropped from 30.5 (obese) to 24.1 (perfectly normal). The Oxygen Desaturation Index (ODI) from an overnight pulse oximetry test dropped from a high-risk 28 events/hr to a stunning 0.6 event/hr in 22 months, and reversed moderate sleep apnea. The CPAP therapy, being the best treatment available currently, controls sleep apnea and keeps the SpO2 level (percentage saturation of blood oxygen level) normal only during its usage. It is important to note that the CPAP does not cure sleep apnea. But weight loss cures and reverses obstructive sleep apnea.

However I must watch my weight every day and prevent it from regaining by exercising caution, self-discipline and high willpower. As long as I maintain my body weight normal, my obstructive sleep apnea should remain reversed.  


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                      2. Permanent Diabetes Control

                3. Reversing Insomnia (Book)

                4. Reversing Sleep Apnea (Book)



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The author of this book titled “Reversing Obesity” achieved his weight-loss goal by exercising high-self  discipline and high willpower. The author of this book titled “Reversing Obesity” assumes no liability or responsibility including, without limitation, incidental and consequential damages, personal injury or wrongful death resulting from the use of any treatment method presented in this book. Misusing of the obesity treatment procedure could lead to serious or adverse side effects. More specifically, consumption of extremely low-calorie diet without appropriate knowledge, caution and care could lead to nutritional deficiency or other health problems. The reader, when using the methods illustrated in this book, should seek the medical advice from the appropriate health care professional. All contents of this book are for the educational purposes only and do not in any way represent the professional medical advice.



This book "Reversing Obesity" is revised and rewritten in 2020.
Copyright 2018-2020 and Beyond © by the Author!
This Book "Reversing Obesity" Has Been Registered Under
ISBN # 9780973112030.
The original manuscript was deposited at Legal Deposits Dept, National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication, Ottawa, Canada.
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